The word «Digitalization» has recently found overwhelming popularity. It simplified a writers task to write about all the ongoing, fast-paced digital development opportunities. Instead of going into details, editors use the word “digitalization,” and all is somehow in there. Unfortunately, this oversimplification brings the illusion that the digital challenge is minor and can be solved by only talking about it. Nothing is further from the truth.

“Digitalization” summarizes different fields of digital activities, hints at various best practices in these fields and depends on information technology solutions reaching a goal that needs to be defined. It requires solid project management, understanding, organising, and resources. Z3 digital focuses on digitalization projects of SMBs. We internally developed a sample Roadmap that illustrates in simple steps what fields are covered and in what sequence they need to be fulfilled to move towards a digital goal. Feel free to contact us on for a chat or leave a message, so we get back to you.