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About Us

Who we are?

With more than 60 years of combined industry experience, we bring together a international network of industry leading partners and suppliers, hands on experience in managing multiple projects worldwide and ability to design, program and implement the latest marketing and sales tools so that you and your audience benefit from Z3 Live Communication at any stage of your project.

Our headquarter is in Olten, Switzerland.


Our Principles

Our definition of “trustworthy” is based on character and competence.  We ensure that our standard of service is built upon honesty, integrity, professionalism and knowledge. We respect our clients and understand their needs and expectations.

At Z3 Live Communication AG we are committed to earning and gaining your trust by ensuring our reliability and standard of service is second to none.

To succeed in business, you need clients.  To have clients, you need to deliver your service to the highest standard. You cannot succeed without clients.  Therefore, we believe that the best way to conduct business is to build relationships and long-term partnerships with our clients.

We define our success by our ability to not only deliver our own services to an exceptional standard, but also on our ability to help our clients succeed.

Successful businesses fall into a trap of thinking that they don’t need to change anything if things are working.  Many people will have the heard the quote: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.  This seems to be simple logic.  However, this does not mean that you should do nothing.

We aim to ensure that we can provide trend-setting know-how and deliver an excellent service.  We strive to continually “improve” and to “keep raising the bar” in an effort to secure a leading and sustainable position in the exhibition industry.

Why Us?

Are you looking for strong impact? We can provide it for you. With Z3 Live Communication you always have the same contact person in Switzerland and for all projects worldwide. This guarantees Swiss reliability and quality. Take advantage of our international network.

Good Live Communication requires a good Marketing Mix. A great stand provides the hardware but to make the difference you need more. From standard PR to Social Media, from Email Marketing to Marketing Automation, we have you covered so you can focus on what matters….your core business.

This is music for your live communication: custom exhibition solutions and return-on-investment campaigns all from one source. And you set the tone. And with Z3 Live Communication you will always speak to the same person. So you can focus on your return-on event.

Your online exhibit marketing and event management system! Learn how to revolutionise your industry and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Exhibitions deserve the right attention before, during and after the show. We have studied international best practices for years and developed a tool allowing you to professionally attract your leads and customers, amaze them with unique show tools and follow up so no opportunity is left forgotten. With a complete and flexible CRM, a unique appointment calendar and high end online marketing and sales automation tools, your contacts will soon realise why you are on top of your competition. Read more …

Whether its Digital Marketing, CRM Recommendations, Sales Automation or hands on Implementation Assistance, we’ve got you covered online and worldwide.
Web development, SEO, PPc, CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media Management and much more can all significantly impact your exhibition success and contribute to your overall ROI. Connect with our online marketing specialists, who will help you to get a clear understanding of what channels and technologies are the most suitable to ensure your business succeeds in this new era of marketing and sales opportunities. Read more …