Let your potential customers visit you virtually. Such solutions offer a good alternative, espe-cially in times of COVID-19.
These are digital scans of indoor and outdoor spaces that are combined into an interactive 3D model. You can use them to explore the fully assigned surfaces in front of the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone. Without leaving the house.
Business 3D walks include:
– greater credibility,
– attention of potential customers,
– additional interesting content for the website
– a modern way of advertising,
– greater impact on customer perception
Gone are the days when the customer was looking for services and products. Now you need to reach him with your brand’s message. Best of all … literally show him your company and prod-ucts. Business 3D walks are an effective way of promoting and building credibility.

Virtual solutions such as: tutorials, product videos, branding videos, personalized short films, 2D and 3D animation, 360 ° panoramas, VR video and much more are made possible by Z3. We work with local companies and global brands, we create solutions for large companies and start-ups. Our customers include Swiss citizens and companies from all over the world. We already know almost every industry. The most important thing, however, is that our customers are satisfied.

Take a step into the future.


360° Panorama – Outside area

This is irreplaceable when it comes to leaving incredible impressions.


360° Panorama - Indoor

In contrast to conventional pho-tographs, 360 ° panoramas are not limited by a frame. They give the user the opportunity to look freely in all directions, which gives a realistic feeling. Customers appreciate this type of presentation.


Virtual animations from inside

Offer your customers a real trade fair experience
Virtual animations cover a large space. With 360-degree panoramas and virtual 3D walks, your customers can "visit" places they would like to see with their own eyes, but this is currently not possible for various reasons.


Virtual animations from outside

Offer your customers a real trade fair experience



Offer your customers a live broadcast