Art. 1 Property:

Unless specifically noted, the entire stand construction material supplied remains the property of the stand construction company.

Art. 2 Order on account of the exhibitor:

The exhibitor authorises the stand construction company, in connection with the order, to place the necessary orders on the exhibition space, such as suspensions, electrical or water connections or their supplements, on behalf of the exhibitor.

Art. 3 Details of the stand:

The exhibitor passes on the technical or organisational information about the booth of the stand construction company communicated to him by the exhibition management. He bears the additional costs incurred due to inaccurate information provided by the stand construction company.

Art. 4 Technical Installations:

Simple electrical connections are only made for devices supplied by the stand construction company. Other electrical installations must be carried out by legally authorised installers, including water and compressed air connections. Fairground costs such as full and empties storage, forklift, on-site recycling, floor deliveries are not included in the budgets; these are settled directly or after useful evidence. Stand cleaning is the responsibility of the exhibitor, a rough cleaning to stand delivery is included.

Art. 5 Insurance:

The exhibitor is self-procured for the insurance of his property. From the moment the stand is handed over, from the beginning of the exhibition to the end of the exhibition, the exhibitor is liable for damage or loss of the material provided by the stand construction company for use.

Art. 6 Design Services:

Stand designs remain the intellectual property of the subcontracting stand construction company. When replicating by a third party is entitled to compensation.

Art.7 Payment Terms:

If nothing is agreed explicitly upon, 1/3 of the order amount is due upon order, 1/3 60 days before the start of the trade fair and 1/3 30 days after receipt of the final invoice. The payment term is otherwise 30 days. The VAT. Debt is always the responsibility of the recipient and not of the service provider. Defaults that are not in line with our terms of payment, such as reminder fees, costs of collection, damage to the party, etc., will be charged later.

Art. 8 Unforeseeable Circumstances:

In case of unforeseeable circumstances, such as war, strikes, terrorism, disease, natural disaster, seizure, removal or restraint by a government, customs, authorities or power etc., the stand construction company assumes no responsibility for delays and losses for the exhibitor.

Art. 9 Exit from work contract:

If an event or participation in an event already commissioned by us is cancelled for reasons of unforeseeable circumstances or causes beyond the control of the stand construction company, compensation shall be due for our expenses as follows:

  • A: In case of cancellation within 2 months before the beginning of the event, 100% of the contract price
  • B: If cancelled more than 2 months before the start of the event, 50% of the contract price.

Art. 10 Jurisdiction:

Jurisdiction is Olten, headquarters of the stand construction company.

Olten, Juli 2014