Project Outline

This is irreplaceable when it comes to leaving incredible im-pressions.

Using panaromic footage increases the likelihood of sales by 68% compared to advertising based solely on traditional videos (Source: Multiple Listing Service Statistics).

The spherical 360 ° panorama is a further step towards increasing the attractiveness of the places viewed. We are not dealing with a static image here, but with a moving image in which the viewer decides in which direction to look, which element of the environment is enlarged and viewed more closely.

This is of great importance when presenting objects. With a virtual tour, the viewer also has the option of deciding where the next places should be visited. The journey is nothing more than a combination of many spherical panoramas in which the visitor walks through the entire facility thanks to visible hotspots on the doors or windows. With this solution you can find out about the division of the rooms, their size, the existing equipment and a reliable assessment of the attractiveness of the offer of the place where it is located.
Controlling the panorama rotation is difficult for anyone and completely intuitive. This is done using the mouse.

Complete your panoramas with explanations and hotspots that can be incorporated.
Flash applications, pictures, music can be integrated (e.g. your logo, a video on screen, background music, et…)