FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa

R. Bojador,
1998-010 Santa Maria dos Olivais, Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 892 1500 | Email: | Website:

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FIL’s premises are located at Parque das Nações, since the end of Expo’98. During Expo’98, the premises were used for the event, but the construction project was designed with the intent of becoming the premises for the new FIL.

The Exhibition Centre has a total area of 100.000m2. It has 4 exhibition halls, with approximately 10.368m2/each, mainly distribute 60.000m2 of the usable area of the exhibition centre.

FIL organises approximately 30 fairs every year, rents space and sells technical services to Fairs promoted by FIL but also to events organised by third parties – nationals and foreigners. FIL also has a prime location, only 7 minutes from the Airport and 3 minutes from “Estação do Oriente” – bus, metro, train, taxis and ferry interchange.


The Exhibition Centre is located in a noble zone of Lisbon where it is possible to arrive fast and easily by car or using the vast network of public transportation available. Situated in the north bank of the river Tagus, the exhibition centre is differentiated for being surrounded by green spaces, leisure areas, all sorts of interesting activities and a vast shopping area, where it is possible to enjoy pleasant moments.