In collaboration with Synchronous Technologies of California, Z3 Live Communication has developed a unique software solution that is praised by international experts but not offered to the masses. We do not fund advertising but only offer this solution to our trade customers and industries. We support each customer individually to be successful in the given target market. We only provide this solution to one player as we build just one booth in a niche market.

We are not a software provider but use a high-tech solution to get there faster

Just have a look at our solution, whether as a video or by registering for a 30-day, free trial at

In you will find an integrated SaaS which includes the following and much more:

  • Digital dashboard – Control centre with analysis and statistics
  • CMS or Content Management System – Develop web pages, micro pages, landing pages with HTML and CSS knowledge and use one of our dozens of templates
  • Eshop Solution – Add a simple and robust E-shop to your website
  • CRM or Contact Management System – Flexible and communicates with any other database
  • Email Marketing – Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns and Complex Email Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing – SMS, MMS, voice campaigns like the big ones
  • Social Network Management – Plan and track Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Online Chat – Professional online chat integrated with
  • Collaborate Chat – Chat with your employees directly within the software.  No need for additional software
  • Surveys – Write, Send, and any response can be a trigger of a campaign
  • Lead Scoring – So that your marketing fair team knows how successful your activities are and also the sales department knows when to start the sales talk
  • Sales Funnel – Knowing what is available at every opportunity and what can be budgeted, but the management gets a clear overview of where to expect revenue and where support is helpful
  • Predictive analytics – Big data for the SMEs so that you also collect enough information to be more successful
  • Calendar and Event Management – Organise, publish, register and control your events like a pro and keep a total overview at all times
  • Digital accounting – To enter online sales and also manual sales and thus keep the overview
  • Brands and Sonic Monitor – Keep up-to-date on what RSS feeds just about your competition or interests
  • Training and Online Exam Software – Teach and train your employees to prepare them for the future
  • Project Management Software – With Gantt Chart, Time Clock and all other necessary functions, you now have a handle your project and your exhibition planning
  • Ticketing – So that no contact or question is forgotten and thus treated as quickly as possible
  • Wiki – Where everything can be noted and searched like your own internal Wikipedia
  • Online forms – Collect contacts professionally and efficiently
  • Campaigns and Affiliates Management – Marketing for Professionals

And all this for an infinite number of websites and users per license.