Z3 Live Communication not only relies on exhibition activities but has also decided to make necessary investments in personnel and software in order to prepare our customers for international exhibitions and exhibitions in the digital sector. Exhibition marketing, like traditional advertising, is only affordable for some and is, therefore, an issue for some of our customers. However, new possibilities are offered today by online media. Whether email marketing or social media marketing, the Internet provides incredible opportunities, just as you can be more successful at trade fairs. And besides, there is still a significant advantage in the digital age… Z3 will not only design and build your booth, but we also offer you many services in the field of trade exhibition marketing and can thus make exhibition success measurable!

Exhibitor marketing can measure your exhibition

Your advantages with Z3 compared to other exhibition companies:
  • Optimise your website and social media platforms so that they are better registered by search engines and found faster by searchers.
  • CRM consulting to collect the right data, which prepares you better for your exhibition appearance. CRM is not a costly alternative to Outlook or an Excel database, but serves what it stands for: Contact Relationship Management. Whether these are employees, customers, partners, suppliers or just interested parties.
  • Email marketing concept creation in time-saving software solutions. Although we have many other communication options, email traffic is still the most trusted. But do not waste too much time to communicate your concerns. Short, concise, informative and important, these will work… otherwise you will just be another spammer.
  • Social media communication planning and efficient message distribution with leading social media marketing solutions. We help you find your target market and show you how to reach and maintain it efficiently.
  • Automate work processes in marketing and sales to turn prospects into customers smoothly. What marketing and sales professionals intuitively think of, we put on paper and implement it as a corporate standard. Any successful action is based on processes that we use when needed. Let’s define them with you so that everyone can learn from the best!
  • Integrate “Big Data” practices for your prospect and customer management. Today it is not only accessible to the very big, but anyone who chooses an intelligent software solution. Automatically collect information from all your communication channels, so you an accurate, true picture of your contacts. Then you also know where you stand and which channel you should use.
  • Communication tools can connect with prospects even faster and more efficiently. Whether live chat, form, social networks, Skype or ticketing, all prefer something different. This does not mean that you have to do everything with many software solutions, but by planning the right thing.
  • Summary and statistics of all processes and data collections so you always have an overview of your activities. Development takes time but not testing the results, so we provide dashboard for marketing and sales professionals so you know where you and your company are.