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1. What services does Z3 provide?


You won’t stand out if you don’t show up. Z3 helps you create value for your industry in the exhibitions sector with customers and competitors.
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It is important that the company’s image is up to date and through the right means. In order to provide you with the best solution, we offer various services:

  • Video production
  • Product shots photo/video
  • Graphic Animation
  • Portrait shots
  • Virtual tour/360 degree shots

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2. Have you scheduled an exhibition appearance?

Then contact us and we will take care of everything. With the help of our international partners, we ensure the perfect exhibition appearance.

Of course we recommend as early as possible. With our Z3 exhibition guide we start to plan your exhibition stand 10 months in advance to discuss all possible points and then implement them.

Exhibition guide

Planning the first exhibition brings many factors. We recommend that you contact us directly and arrange a meeting, whether online or offline. This way both parties have a first impression and we already get an idea of the cooperate you want to convey at the exhibition.

If you have Z3 as a partner this is certainly not an obstacle. Our team at Z3 has a great language flair and we can communicate very well with our current partners. In addition, we always have the right contact person on site at the exhibition grounds, who will clarify/implement your concerns directly for you.

3. Z3 Support

Yes, foreign languages are not an issue for us, but are part of the standard services we provide when working with international companies.

You have the possibility to request your offer directly from our Project Planner. There you can directly specify your set budget, which exhibition it concerns and other necessary information.

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At Z3 you have different possibilities to contact us directly.



You are welcome to send us your desired project via e-mail



Do you have questions about specific topics? You can contact us at any time via chat, contact form, email or phone.
We are available for you from 08.00-17.00



Do you have an exciting tool that you want to market? We would be happy to discuss your product and find the optimal solution together.