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Going the Extra Mile

Travel & Accommodation Support

International exhibitions require more than just handling the exhibition itself, they also require travel and accommodation bookings in the destinations’ peak season. While various online tools like or offer simple booking tools, they lack recommending you what properties are in collaboration with the exhibition and offer special conditions. An important point to remember is that it is also very time sensitive and the general trend to focus only a few months ahead on a given exhibition usually leads to unavailability or significantly higher rates for travel and accommodation.

Socialising & Networking Events

Exhibitions are not only about “formal” networking during the actual event hours.  They also allow for an informal networking opportunity with leads, customers, partners or even colleagues after the show closes for the day.  When exhibiting at various shows, always ensure that you do not miss out on the organised special events by/for exhibitors (commonly known as Exhibitor or Organiser parties) that take place either at a separate venue or on-site after show hours.  It is the ultimate chance for exhibition and event planning industry professionals to meet and engage in conversation.

VIP Treatment & Arrangements

When taking into consideration who will be present at the exhibition to represent your business, sometimes it is beneficial to think about VIP treatment & arrangements. You may have special guests, your top management or international speakers attending the show and want to offer them an exceptional service. At Z3 Live Communication we collaborate with VIP Setup to offer you a service that will attend to all your personal requirements during the exhibition.  Whether they are related to travel, restaurant/bar/entertainment requirements, hosting services, general location information, or something else, we have the right partners for you.  Let us take care of your personal requirements so you can focus on your core business.

On Site Catering Services

Some businesses exhibit to impress and this may include hospitality/catering stands or even a fully custom made on site restaurant / food service area to cater for everyone.  When exhibiting worldwide, it is important and essential to work with the right partners who have experience with logistics, installations and staffing exhibition grounds.   If you are considering any type of catering service, you need to ensure that it is carefully designed to meet the practical requirements of a catering, canteen or hospitality environment whilst ensuring that it is attractive to customers to maximise your revenue.   For the right partner, look no further than Z3.

“ROI the Boy” Best Practices

In collaboration with, we present our online assistant ROI the Boy. ROI the Boy has one single target in mind…make you more successful with events by applying industry best practices and tools to manage and report results. ROI the Boy online tools are free to all Z3 customers.

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