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Exhibition Marketing & Sales Technology

Social Media & Content Marketing Support

It is said that we are currently in the social media age, hence the reason we have also listed it here at the top. The simplicity of exchanging and posting content, and reaching a maximum number of people has never been easier, due to the developed technology having everyone in mind. But with any type of media channel, content and posting frequency are key to success and therefore require a plan, supported by the right tools to ensure that the best times and most sought after subjects are used.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Lead capturing is the practice to make sure you know who your visitors are. Offline it means getting visitors to leave their business cards and online by mainly getting them to sign up for a service or product. Generating traffic can lead to zero results and by capturing leads you may at least hope to work with some of the traffic. Not every lead is ready to buy immediately and according to marketing and sales theory, a lead needs to be 7 times in touch with a promotion or person to build up a relationship and trust to finally buy from someone. But lead nurturing does not only describe interpersonal discussions or phone calls but the interaction requirement can also be communicated through emails, events and other marketing tools.  All contributing so that the lead believes to be in touch with the right company to deliver the right solution.

Marketing Automation & Sales Management

With more than a 50% yearly growth rate in applying marketing automation tools in the business world, its affordable pricing today will continue to not only simplify responsiveness and engagement with your leads and customers, but it becomes affordable for the SMB (Small & Midsize Businesses). The ability to multiply your engagement with your target market requires businesses to have improved sales management practices such as: flexible CRM (Customer Relationship Management), lead scoring, and sales funnel/pipeline management tools.

Guaranteed Follow Up & Customer Service

In order to reach sales, follow up practices are key to increasing your conversion rates from leads to customers. The bigger the audience your business is engaged with the more useful it is to develop workflows with auto-reminders for online and offline actions or automated personalised messages. Solid and reliable responsiveness promotes your professional attitude and customer service reputation. 

Monitoring, Analytics & Reports

“You can’t manage, what you can’t measure” or “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”.  These quotes speak volumes and say it all. By using the the right application, you will be able to receive a set of reports, that will not only simplify the decision making of your next actions but also provide you with professional tools for discussions with your team and management.

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Whether its Digital Marketing, CRM Recommendations, Sales Automation or hands on Implementation Assistance, we’ve got you covered online and worldwide.
Web development, SEO, PPc, CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media Management and much more can all significantly impact your exhibition success and contribute to your overall ROI. Connect with our online marketing specialists, who will help you to get a clear understanding of what channels and technologies are the most suitable to ensure your business succeeds in this new era of marketing and sales opportunities. Read more …